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The physiotherapeutic treatment of your horse


Horses are real miracles of compensation.  They often silently carry problems for a long time, which only show up much later - sometimes in completely different body regions Treatment is therefore to recognize these problems at the beginning and to prevent them so 

For this reason, it is advisable, especially for horses, to have a physiotherapeutic check carried out regularly.


Typical symptoms and disorders of the musculoskeletal system for which physiotherapy is indicated: 

  • Lameness / stumbling / unsteadiness 

  • chronic tension

  • Muscular imbalances   

  • Osteoarthritis / arthritis 

  • Loss of mobility / joint blockages

  • Tendon problems, Fesselträger

  • drop in performance

  • Pain when saddling or riding/problems with rideability

  • neurological diseases

  • postoperative rehabilitation (e.g. muscle building, scar treatment, processing of the compensation posture)

  • Hoof deer (leech therapy)

  • Prevention,  and much more

course of my treatment

It is important to me that I help your animal holistically. Because diseases in the musculoskeletal system are often linked to organic or systematic problems and vice versa. That's why I make sure in my work to perceive your animal as a whole.


When I first get to know you and your animal, I take a lot of time to examine your horse closely and feel for blockages. Experience has shown that this appointment lasts between 90 and 120 minutes.

At the appointment I  carry out a complete initial diagnosis including a detailed anamnesis interview, a gait analysis  and the joint diagnosis. This is followed by the development of a  therapy plan tailored to your animal and, of course, the treatment.



The subsequent appointments focus on the treatment. Therefore, depending on the type of therapy, these appointments take between 45-60 minutes . The progress of the therapy is checked and, if necessary, the therapy plan is adjusted. 

Follow-up treatment is always agreed individually and unfortunately cannot be booked online.  


In order to make the appointment as pleasant as possible for you and your horse, please note the following Information: I schedule 60 minutes per treatment per horse, in some cases it can However also take longer. For safety reasons for therapist and horse, I do NOT treat in the stable lane and also NOT in the box. A hall, riding arena, lunging ring, round pen, etc. would be ideal. Please discuss this with your stable beforehand.

Behandlung Pferd

My forms of therapy

I use the following services in the therapy of your animal .

physical therapy


Physiotherapy involves manual measures in which blockages are released in order to restore the body's ability to move and function. Targeted stimuli are set to support the body in healing itself. These include u.a.

  • classic massages and manual therapy

  • fascial treatment

  • Stress point massage nach Jack Meagher 

Dry needling

Akupunktur Nahaufnahme

Beim Dry Needling werden besonders verhärtete Stellen der Muskulatur - sogenannte myofaszialer Triggerpunkte - mittels Akupunkturnadeln behandelt. 

It is a special acupuncture technique. The needle  stimulates the oxygen supply to the tense muscle fibers and fascia and  improves blood circulation. In this way, the tension can be released permanently and sustainably.

laser therapy

Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-25 um 20.32_edited.jpg

During treatment with laser light, bundled rays of light penetrate through the skin into the underlying tissue and muscle structures, where they activate cell regeneration. It is mainly used for muscle and tissue injuries and can have a pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, decongestant and tissue-healing effect.

leech therapy


The treatment by leeches goes back to a thousands of years old tradition. Valuable anti-inflammatory substances such as eglin and hirudin are released into the body through the release of saliva when the leeches are applied.

Leeches can be used for acute inflammation and chronic symptoms (arthrosis).  

physical therapies

Am Vet

I increase the effect of the manual therapy treatment with various physical therapies, such as:

  • Electrotherapy (low frequency)

  • Magnetic field therapy

  • thermotherapy

Supportive Therapies


Following my holistic concept  I also offer the following forms of therapy: _cc781905-94cf5cf5bad

  • Phytotherapy (herbal medicine)

  • Mycotherapy (treatment with medicinal mushrooms)

  • Potentiated remedies (homeopathy)

my prices

I treat your animals with passion.

First treatment horse

approx. 90-120 min,  incl. detailed anamnesis interview, a gait analysis and joint diagnosis

120 euros

Book now

follow-up treatment horse

approx. 60 min,  depending on the findings incl. Dry needling, stress point massage o. laser therapy

80 euros

Travel costs (over 25 km)

The first 25 km are already included in the price. In addition I calculate driven km with 30 cents/km.

30 cents/km

leech therapy

approx. 45-90 min,  Price plus. the treatment costs.  Please book at least 1 week in advance905-cc781 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

12 EUR/leech

I look after horses around Berlin/Brandenburg  and beyond. You are therefore welcome to contact me if you have other travel routes, I try to plan my tours and appointments in such a way that the travel costs remain manageable.

Consultation or coordination with your veterinarian or inspection and, if necessary, evaluation of your documents (such as blood counts, X-ray images) is included with every treatment.

The treatment can be paid for on site in cash or by EC card (depending on network availability).  I am a small business owner, so I do not charge sales tax.


About me

I have completed a 2-year training as an animal physiotherapist  at the state-approved academy for animal naturopathy. In order to correspond to my holistic concept, I am currently doing further training as an animal naturopath at the same institute.

I  continue my education regularly and have  obtained certificates from the IHK in my department. 

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