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Hundephysiotherapie Berlin

therapy dog

The physiotherapeutic treatment for your dog

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Whether cruciate ligament rupture or hip dysplasia - the number of hereditary or chronic diseases in dogs is unfortunately constantly increasing. For us humans, it goes without saying that we go to a physiotherapist after an operation or in the case of chronic complaints.

So why_not  also  with our four-legged friends?_cc781905-5cde-5b51d6bad5cf58d_cf

What does physiotherapy do?

  • pain reduction

  • release of tension

  • Better quality of life

  • Better mobility

  • Sustainable treatment successes 

  • Prevention from injuries

  • muscle gain/weight loss

Areas of application for physiotherapy in dogs:

  • Back pain, spinal blockages

  • Herniated discs (dachshund paralysis)

  • Osteoarthritis /Arthritis 

  • Hip dysplasia 

  • elbow dysplasia

  • patellar dislocation

  • Cauda equina compression syndrome (CECS)

  • general movement restrictions

  • neurological diseases

  • lameness and drop in performance

  • postoperative scar treatment 

  • Muscle building after rest periods

  • Muscle activation before sports competitions

  • and much more

Canine Physiotherapy

course of my treatment

It is important to me that I help your animal holistically. Because diseases in the musculoskeletal system are often linked to organic or systematic problems and vice versa. That's why I make sure in my work to perceive your animal as a whole and not just focus on the illness you called me for.


When I first get to know you and your animal, I take a lot of time to examine your dog  closely and feel for blockages. Experience has shown that this appointment lasts between 60-90 minutes.

At the appointment I  carry out a complete initial assessment including a detailed anamnesis interview, a gait analysis  and the joint assessment. This is followed by the development of a  therapy plan tailored to your animal and, of course, the treatment.


(Weiterleitung zu TOPDOG Hundephysiotherapie)

Image by Pauline Loroy


The subsequent appointments focus on the treatment. Therefore, depending on the findings and the form of therapy, these appointments take between 30-60 minutes . The progress of the therapy is checked and, if necessary, the therapy plan is adjusted. 

Follow-up treatment is always agreed individually and unfortunately cannot be booked online.  


In order to make the appointment as pleasant as possible for you and your dog, please note the following Information: Your dog should not have moved too much before the treatment. A short walk around the block would be ideal. Ideally, your dog should not eat anything for 2-3 hours before the treatment. Please bring treats and a dog towel with you to the treatment.

Behandlung Hund

My forms of therapy

I use the following services in the therapy of your animal.

physical therapy

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Physiotherapy involves manual measures in which blockages are released in order to restore the body's mobility and functionality. Targeted stimuli are set to support the body in healing itself. These include u.a.

  • classic massages and manual therapy

  • fascial treatment

  • Stress point massage nach Jack Meagher 

underwater treadmill

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The therapy in the underwater treadmill has numerous positive effects. On the one hand, the buoyancy of the water is very gentle on the joints, on the other hand, the temperature and massage effect of the water stimulate the metabolism. It is used, among other things for prevention and pain relief in diseases of the musculoskeletal system and for muscle building. The cardiovascular system can also be stimulated and stabilized with the help of water therapy.

laser therapy

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During treatment with laser light, bundled rays of light penetrate through the skin into the underlying tissue, fascia and muscle layers  and activate cell regeneration there. It is mainly used for muscle and tissue injuries and can have a pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, decongestant and tissue-healing effect.

leech therapy


The treatment by leeches goes back to a thousands of years old tradition. Valuable anti-inflammatory substances such as eglin and hirudin are released into the body through the release of saliva when the leeches are applied.

Leeches can be used for acute inflammation and chronic symptoms (arthrosis).  

physical therapies

Am Vet

I increase the effect of the manual therapy treatment with various physical therapies, such as:

  • Electrotherapy (low frequency)

  • Magnetic field therapy

  • thermotherapy

Supportive Therapies


Following my holistic concept  I also offer the following forms of therapy: _cc781905-94cf5cf5bad

  • Phytotherapy (herbal medicine)

  • Mycotherapy (treatment with medicinal mushrooms)

  • Potentiated remedies (homeopathy)

Hundephysiotherapie Berlin

Prices dog

The treatment of your dog takes place in the practice Rundogs

or on request at your home. 

First treatment dog

approx. 60-90 min,  incl. detailed anamnesis interview, gait analysis and joint diagnosis

90 euros

Book now

Follow-up treatment dog

depending on findings incl. underwater treadmill, laser therapy, magnetic field, etc.

35 EUR

45 euros

60 euros

treatment at your home

+10 EUR

leech therapy

approx. 45-90 min,  price plus.  the treatment costs. 

Please book at least one week in advance. 

12 EUR/leech

Consultation or coordination with your veterinarian or sighting and, if necessary, evaluation of your documents (such as X-ray images) is included with every treatment.

The treatment can be paid for on site in cash or by EC card (depending on network availability).  I am a small business owner, so I do not charge sales tax.

Please understand that I reserve the right to charge for appointments that are not canceled up to 24 hours in advance.

30 min

45 mins

60 mins

Location: Hundephysiotherapie

The treatment of your dog  takes place in the RunDogs practice in Berlin-Schoeneberg. 

Your dog will lack nothing during the treatment: the practice is equipped with an underwater treadmill, a laser device and a magnetic field blanket, among other things.


About me

I have completed a 2-year training as an animal physiotherapist  at the state-approved academy for animal naturopathy. In order to correspond to my holistic concept, I am currently doing further training as an animal naturopath at the same institute.

I  continue my education regularly and have  obtained certificates from the IHK in my department. 

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