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About me

From an early age I spent my lifetime with cats, dogs and horses. Professionally, however, I only decided to pursue this passion on the second path. 

I acquired my knowledge and skills in animal physiotherapy during a two-year training course at the academy for animal naturopathy and successfully completed a certified written, oral and practical examination. Of course, I continue my education regularly.

In my work it is important to me that I support your animal holistically. Because diseases of the musculoskeletal system are often linked to organic problems or vice versa. Following this holistic idea, I am currently completing training as an alternative animal practitioner, which I expect to complete in November 2022.


My educations

Animal physiotherapist (dog and horse)

ATM - Academy for Animal Naturopathy 

  • comprehensive training with 700 hours of lessons and internships

  • 22 weekend seminars on anatomy, physiology and general pathology

  • Block seminars on diseases of the musculoskeletal system 


Veterinarian (dog, cat and horse)

ATM - Academy for Animal Naturopathy 

in training since 2018

  • 22 weekend seminars zur anatomy, physiology and general pathology in

    • Breathing apparatus​

    • digestive system

    • Skin and endocrine systems

    • nervous system

    • cardiovascular system

    • urinary and genital organs, etc

  • Subject-specific seminars in 

    • Animal acupuncture 

    • Animal phytotherapy (herbal medicine)

    • animal homeopathy

my certificates

Proof of competence according to § 50 Medicines Act (AMG) 

IHK Berlin


This certificate allows me to give over-the-counter medicines  to my customers. 


Business and legal foundations for animal naturopathy and animal trainers

IHK Lübeck


This course trained me in business and legal basics in animal professions.


since 2015

2018 - 2020


2011 - 2012​

2010 - 2014​


Management of Möller Immobilienverwaltung

Moderation at "Digital Dazu", project for the creation of learning videos for people with disabilities (among other things with the topic "dealing with animals")

six-month stay abroad in Beijing, China

Studies in cultural studies 

High school in Berlin

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